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Organising a shoot couldn’t be simpler.


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Jewellery Photographer Estimate of work

Fee Estimate

We’ll send you a fee estimate for consideration
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Delivery-Photography Job


Post/courier or organise collection of your items
Photography Shoot

Lights, Camera

Time to shoot and edit images
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Photography Shoot Approved


View over the web and check your images. You’re free to ask for edits to get to the final versions
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Photography Shoot Invoice


Your items will be returned, a tax invoice will follow and when paid you are free to use the images.

It depends on the size of the shoot:

For small jobs it will take around 3 days from when the shoot takes place.

Larger jobs can take a little longer but I’ll give you a good idea at the time regarding how long it will take.

It will never be longer than 2 weeks though and if it’s urgent I can expedite the job for a small fee.

In the unlikely event that you don’t like the images, you’re completely protected. You only pay after seeing the work and are happy with the final edited images, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not going to be paying for substandard work.