Getting e-commerce right

Getting e-commerce right

The Importance of good e-commerce imagery.

Pack shots are the life blood of e-commerce. Without a good image you run the risk of your product not selling and even worse your business looking unprofessional. Quite often companies look to the cheapest quote when commissioning photography, however, in the case of e-commerce photography saving a few dollars is very likely to cost you a lot more in sales than the small savings you gain in the short term.

When going to the bigger pack shot companies, your product is just another job to get through. Very often shipped out to the junior photographers for practice. Sure there’s a bit of quality control but there’s also the next job and deadline to deal with. Going with an independent photographer is a better idea, as your not just another number, however, choosing a photographer who is going to shoot with the attention to detail can be tricky. Very often I see poor work in this field. Shooting on white is tricky and if you’re not careful images can lack punch, a missing shadow or reflection can leave your product looking like it’s floating, whites all to often look grey, or worse still, the background can look muddy and grey.

Here at Tommac Photography, I learnt to shoot on white whilst photographing priceless works of art. When you shoot a $10,000 vase on white, you don’t stay around long if you produce substandard work.

The pressure to produce images that sell these objects d’art is strong. You quickly learn the right way to do things. Images need to be accurate, punchy and seductive. You deal with all kinds of materials to shoot. How do you bring out the enamel in a Faberge egg or the texture in the glaze of a Ming Dynasty vase? How do you make sure the folds of steel in the blade of a Samurai sword are shown? Well, it takes practice and skill and it leaves you prepared as a photographer to deal with any challenge in e-commerce photography. The skills are transferable leaving you prepared for highly reflective items, white objects on white and one of the trickiest things to deal with, glass on a white or black background.

I have spent many years shooting fine art pieces and I treat all the e-commerce I shoot now in the same high regard, so next time you’re looking for a photographer to shoot your products, take a shot on me! I have very competitive prices and very well learned skills – I believe that’s a pretty good combination for your business.

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